Caring or Friendly care

Ritagreen Healthcare Services Ltd promotes a person-centred approach because:

  • Staff will take an interest in what makes you, you; the things you want to share from memories, the things you like and do not like, current interests, needs and new pursuits
  • Staff will treat you with dignity in the way they speak with you and the way they behave
  • We will assist you in continuing to use your skills and in pursuing your interests
  • We will uphold your right to privacy in all aspects of your care, personal affairs and belongings
  • All information about Service Users is treated as confidential and only shared with members of staff, other professionals or organisations for the provision of care with your consent or your representative
  • Information about you will be protected and stored to meet legal requirements and only kept for as long as is
  • We will make sure you understand information and what is said, providing you with the support you need and giving
    you the help that you require to make your voice heard