Effective Care

We believe in Care that meets your needs because you are involved fully in your Care and its arrangement.
Each Service User is celebrated and supported to be an individual, to have their own social, emotional, spiritual, cultural, political and sexual needs accepted, supported and respected.

The service we provide is effective because:

  • We employ the right staff for you who have the right knowledge, skills and qualifications to fulfil your wishes and to enable you through Care
  • We will ask for your views and ideas about how you wish for your care and support to be provided and enable you to contribute to any proposed changes
  • We will make information accessible in a way that you can understand, about your Care, medication and the services being offered and how you can tell us if there is something you do not like about our services
  • We will consult you on your wishes, history and preferences in the assessment and put this in your Care Plan. We will check this is up to date when your Care Plan is reviewed. We will make sure that your Care Plan is updated if your care needs change
  • We will ask for your informed consent to Care and any changes to it in all decisions about your Care
  • The principles of the Mental Capacity Act will be followed and we will ensure that, where you cannot give consent, best interest decisions will be made following the Mental Capacity Act principles
  • You will be supported to achieve as much independence as possible, emotionally, physically, intellectually and
    socially and without unreasonable restrictions
  • We will keep information about you confidential and will tell you how we use your personal information, store it and how long we keep it for. You can talk to our SECRETARY if you are concerned about your personal information